Friday, January 13, 2017

Phases of a Crime 1/3

Phases of a crime

Criminal theorists argue that there are 4 phases of any criminal act.  We're going to briefly discuss each phase and, in our next post, we'll look at an alternative model that allows us to better counter potential criminal acts.

The 4 basic phases:
1. Intention or criminal intent
2. Preparation
3. Implementation - commission of the act.
4. Accomplishment

1. Intent to Commit a Crime
This first phase is the mere thought of committing a break-in, armed robbery, home invasion, or another criminal act. This can rarely, if ever, be impacted by any security posturing at the individual level. That's because, criminal intent is conducted prior to a target being selected. This isn't always the case, but for our discussion, we're going to assume a criminal knows they need money, and they've decided to steal it before they decide who they're going to target. With that being said, criminal intent can be influenced  through hardening of your neighborhood, presence patrols by local law enforcement, and other community activities designed to deter the would-be criminal from believing the act could be accomplished. Many crimes are acts of opportunity. Reducing the opportunity, thereby, leads would-be assailants to question their intentions.

2. Preparation
Preparation is the key prevention phase. Per the 4-phase theory, this is when criminals start to analyze potential targets. If they're intent is to get $1,000, they could be weighing the option of robbing a home, convenience store, bank, liquor store, gas station, or any other possible target. The goal, for us, is to make your home a hard targetSee Steps to Prevent Being a Victim.

3. Attempt
This is when the rubber meets the road. This could be a criminal approaching your home and attempting to make entry. If successful, they've now crossed to accomplishment. The key here is to ensure your home is well-protected using pick-resistant locks, locking all windows, labelling your home to ensure they know your home is protected, and taking necessary precautions to ensure you're prepared. We'll talk more about how to prevent and respond to an attempted robbery in later posts. Click here to receive our latest posts.

4. Accomplishment
This final phase is lumped into 2 segments - during and post event. This is where a great deal of concern is for many homeowners and why most are not properly prepared should a home invasion occur. What to do when the event is underway and what needs to be done after the event are two separate conversations.

In our next post, we’ll be looking at a more comprehensive step by step guide we’ve developed at Omega Six Security to help homeowners and businesses better understand the threat they may face and how we can, collectively, prepare for the worst. 

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